An evening with Ken Yeang, one of the world’s leading eco architects

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We are extremely pleased to be able to offer members the opportunity to spend an evening with Ken Yeang, one of the world’s leading eco architects talking about 'Life after Cambridge – the miserable life of an architect'.  In 2008 The Guardian newspaper listed Yeang amongst their '50 people who could save the planet', describing him as the "world's leading green skyscraper architect".

In addition, 'Fast Company' magazine listed Hamzah & Yeang as among the top 8 innovative architect companies in 2011. Yeang is arecipient of over 70 design awards including the Merdeka Award (2011) from the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

He trained at the AA (Architectural Association) School (UK) and received his doctorate (PhD) from Wolfson College (Cambridge). He is in partnership with Tengku Robert Hamzah as T. R. Hamzah & Yeang Sdn. Bhd. and is the Distinguished Plm Professor at Illinois University.

Our speaker is the architect of numerous iconic buildings in Asia, such as the Menara Mesianga (Subang Jaya), the Digi Technical Office the National Library of Singapore, the Genome Research Building (University of Hong Kong), and in the UK, the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital Extension. He is the author of over a dozen books on architecture.

  • When: 7.30 p.m. Thursday, 29th August 2013
  • Where: Perdana I, Royal Lake Club
  • How much: RM50.00

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More details about our speaker.

Yeang is best known for his ecological designs which are held to be state-of-the art green ecoarchitecture and ecocity designs that advance beyond conventional rating systems such as Green Building Index (Malaysia), LEED (USA), BREEAM (UK).

His approach is empirically ecology based, enabling him to progress green design at several dimensions concurrently - architecturally, theoretically, technically and aesthetically.

The PBS documentary design/e2 (2006) (narrated by the actor, Brad Pitt) refers to Yeang's work, '...wind, rain and sun in the minds of most architects, they are enemies. But what if buildings can utilise and respond to the conditions of the environment? What if the urban environment itself became a living breathing organism? For Ken Yeang it is...'.

Yeang has completed over 200 projects since 1975.

Books authored by Yeang include:

  • Yeang, K. (in preparation), Ecomimicry: Designing based on the properties and processes of ecosystems. Publication date:  2014, Taylor & Francis (UK).
  • Yeang, K., Spector, A. (Editors) (2011), Green Design: From Theory to Practice, Word search and Blackdog Publlshing (UK).
  • Yeang, K., Woo, Lillian, (2010) Dictionary of Ecodesign, Taylor and Francis (UK).
  • Yeang, K. (2009). Ecomasterplanning, Wiley-Academy, John Wiley & Sons, UK.
  • Yeang, K. (2006), Ecodesign: Instruction Manual, Wiley-Academy, John-Wiley & Sons, UK. Republished in Turkish, 2011).
  • Yeang, K. (2002), Reinventing the Skyscraper: A Vertical Theory of Urban Design, John Wiley & Sons (UK).
  • Yeang, K. (2000), Service Cores in Buildings, Wiley-Academy, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., London, UK.
  • Yeang, K. (2000), The Green Skyscraper: The Basis for Designing Sustainable Intensive Buildings, Prestel, Munich, Germany. (Republished in Spanish by Gustavo Gilli, 2002).
  • Yeang, K. (1995), Designing with Nature, McGraw-Hill, USA (Publication of Yeang’s PhD Dissertation: "A Theoretical Framework for the Incorporation of Ecological Considerations in the Design and Planning of the Built Environment") (Republished in Spanish by Gustavo Gilli, 2001).
  • Yeang, K.(1997), The Skyscraper: Bioclimatically Considered: A Design Primer, Academy Group, Architectural Design, London. (Reprinted 1999), John Wiley & Sons, London. (Republished in Chinese, 2001).
  • Yeang,K. (1987), Tropical Urban Regionalism, MIMAR, Geneva/Singapore.
  • Yeang,K. (1986), Tropical Verandah City, Longman , Malaysia