The Oxford & Cambridge Society Malaysia Boat Race 2012

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The much awaited Boat Race is back! It took place on the 18th of November. This year, we rowed for the first time in our own boats, how about that!! An event not to be missed, this year’s boat race once again combined family fun and SERIOUS competition!

Cambridge won the race this year. Nick Ashby, whose company (Celadon Capital) was one of the main sponsors writes:

"Dear All - here are my photos of the big day - only one month ago, but the good memories have yet to fade...thanks to all of you in crew, Leong and all those who helped us on the way but were, not least Melody Keung and Sarah Grasset, YY for her excellent organisation and not least Matthijs for looking after my camera. If any of you have any more pics to share, please do so. All the best for Xmas and New Year. May we meet again on the water next year. Nick"

You can view Nick's pictures of the event by CLICKING HERE.